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Don’t Do Math; Pick Numbers!

The math sections on the SAT and ACT may seem daunting at times, especially if math isn’t your favorite subject. But the best thing about these exams is that you DO NOT have to treat them like math class in school. You are only being scored on your answer choice, not on the work that… Read more »

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New Hampshire University Offers Grads Employment ‘Guarantee’

Paying for a college is supposed to be an investment, one that students should see a return on in the form of a good job. However, many recent graduates struggle to find employment. So universities have started to take it upon themselves to protect their students’ investments. Read this article to discover the different programs… Read more »

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Devin, thank you so much for everything you did for Paul. He just found out that he got into St. Lawrence early decision and even earned a Presidential Achievement Award of $7500 a year for 4 years. He could not have done this without you.
- Mary Jo