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Vocabulary is STILL Key!

Yes, the SAT has changed. The 19 sentence completions have vanished just as the antonyms vanished in 1994 and the analogies in 2005. Still, don’t think that having a strong vocabulary is no longer important. The critical readings on this new test are filled with difficult vocabulary; understanding these words aids in the comprehension of… Read more »

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The end of college ranks as we know them

How do you judge a higher education institution? For years, many different publications have tried to rank the colleges in the United States on various qualifications, such as SAT scores and faculty income. However, not until recently have studies looked into students’ lives after graduation. Read this article to explore the new way to rank… Read more »

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Devin, thank you so much for everything you did for Paul. He just found out that he got into St. Lawrence early decision and even earned a Presidential Achievement Award of $7500 a year for 4 years. He could not have done this without you.
- Mary Jo