A Phone Call Away: The College Admissions Office

For some reason, there’s a negative stigma surrounding Admissions offices.  Scenes from Office Space and horrible memories from the DMV seem to merge together and prevent students and parents alike from picking up the phone and talking to an admissions representative.

Don’t be afraid!  College admissions offices employ people who understand the admissions process.  And, since telephone receiver in handadmissions processes and policies vary from school to school, it’s extremely important to know the details.  So, pick up the phone, dial, and deal with the terrible hold music.  It will be worth it…


  • Are some programs more competitive than others?
  • Will the college accept SAT super scores?
  • Will the college accept ACT super scores?
  • Is there a preferred deadline (rather than an absolute) for application submission?
  • Are SAT IIs required? Recommended?
  • What sort of things is the college looking for in an essay?

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