Our Story

It started with a student named Jason.  After working as an English teacher and supervisor of educators at some of the leading high schools in the country, I decided to take some time off and be with my newborn son.  However, with Jason’s simple question – “Mrs. Wilson, I am preparing for the SAT exam.  Do you think you can tutor me tomorrow?” – my plans changed.  As an educator with a passion for teaching, how could I say no?

I never “started” WilsonPrep.  The company grew into what it is today because of my passion for learning, teaching, and helping students achieve their personal best.   That fall when I began working with Jason, I took 30 SAT exams.  By exam 16, I “broke” the test, understanding how the exam utilizes patterns .   Hence, I created the WilsonPrep strategies better known as the WilsonPrep “keys.” Since then I have done the same with the ACT.

Many call me a perfectionist; I call myself passionate.  I want the best for my students and this is why WilsonPrep only hires tutors who share my passion for excellence and these tutors stay for years.   Our tutors see tutoring/coaching as their calling rather than a gap year experience or something to do to supplement income.

The WilsonDailyPrep grew out of research and practice.  As a tutor, I noticed that most of my students “crammed” before sessions, and were not practicing on a regular basis.  Because of this, I began emailing students daily SAT/ACT questions, encouraging consistent practice.  My finding?  Practice is key!  Those students who regularly answered the daily emails scored comparatively higher than those who did not. Thus, the WilsonDailyPrep was born and recent research supports what we see here at WilsonPrep – daily, deliberate practice, just a few minutes a day, makes a significant difference in test scores.

When people around the country heard about us and wanted the expertise that WilsonPrep provides to its Westchester, New York students, we created the WilsonPrepLive program. With our virtual classroom we now provide the same quality of tutoring to students in Illinois, California, Nebraska, France, China – anywhere!  With our interactive virtual classroom, we provide a test prep advisor to guide and assist and a dynamic tutor.

Our wonderful test prep advisors – Nina, Devin, and Melissa – guide parents and students as well as collaborate  with the student’s tutor.  We find that a team approach is optimal for a student’s success.

I have a passion for excellence, the WilsonPrep tutors have a passion for excellence, and it is always our goal to instill this passion for excellence within our students.    WilsonPrep is the company it is today because of this passion and because we get results – big results!

As part of my commitment to education, I founded Graph It Forward Today (GIFT) (www.graphitforward.org), a not-for-profit organization that donates graphing calculators, test-prep books, and the WilsonPrep curriculum to disadvantaged students.  GIFT’s mission is to end the education gap in this country, so that all students have the opportunity for a higher education. We are always in need of help, and if you have a passion, like I do, to provide quality test prep to all, please email us at [email protected] to see how you can get involved.

We at WilsonPrep would be honored to work with your student, and we promise to provide the best test prep program available.

Happy prepping!


P.S.  Jason was very happy with his SAT scores, loved Dickinson College, and is now a Clinical Psychologist.