ACT Prep

The ACT is all about timing: each section is time-intensive and pacing will make or break an ACT score.  There are numerous options to prepare for the exam, including private tutoring, group courses, independent study or online prep programs.  Regardless of the preparation medium, students must be practicing regularly under timed testing conditions.

Don’t burn yourself out, though.  Completing full-length exams each weekend in one sitting is not necessary.  Rather, spend a few minutes each day: complete one reading passage, two science passages or ten math problems.  Complete each section or portion in the appropriate amount of time to ensure that an awareness of time and the pacing necessary are being internalized.

WilsonDailyPrep offers an affordable and effective online program with a built-in time tracking system to help student “beat the clock” while familiarizing them with the structure and content of the test as well as key ACT strategies.  Visit for program details.

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