ACT Science Tips: Getting the Answers without Thinking

The ACT science section is time-intensive and requires that you pick up on patterns, details and specifics within charts and graphs. It is very easy to make careless mistakes in this section, and equally easy to “over think” the answers. This section does not require that you have a scientific background. Rather, it requires that you rely almost exclusively on the information presented.

There a two types of science passages: Reading and Chart/Graph. There will typically be six chart graph passages, and one reading passage. The strategies for each are found below.

Tackling the Science:

1.    Skip the reading (fighting scientist) passage! This passage may be first, in the middle, or last. Regardless of where it falls within the section – skip it. Reading is time-consuming, and these passages tend to be more difficult. Save the reading passage for last.

2.    On the chart graph passages:
a.    Skip over the information presented b.    Go directly to the questions c.    Use the questions as a guide – look where they tell you to look d.    Mark up graphs and charts to ensure you’re looking at the right spot and
can pinpoint the answers

3.    When you get to the reading passage:

a.    Skip the readings – go directly to the questions

b.    Skim and label each question. If the question asks about Scientist 1, label
it with a 1. If it asks about Scientist 2, label it with a 2, etc.

c.    Read passage 1

d.    Answer all the “1” questions

e.    Read passage 2

f.    Answer all the 2 questions

g.    Answer the questions that refer to both passages last

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