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Advanced Placement (AP) courses are college level courses that, upon satisfactory completion of CollegeBoard’s AP Exam, may earn up to 5 college credits each.  Not all AP courses are offered at all high schools, and not all AP exam scores (scored 0-5) earn college credits at all schools.

Colleges place much more importance on high school course section that AP exam performance. Exam score do not have to be reported.  However, transcripts are reported, and challenging courses (when appropriate) are more important than A’s in easy classes.

AP courses are rigorous, and the exams are detailed and comprehensive, consisting of both multiple-choice and essay questions.  AP exam schedules are administered in May and are submitted to CollegeBoard for scoring.  Scores are released mid-July.

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  1. Suzy Chin

    My son is currently signed up for online SAT/ACT daily prep. He’ll take two advanced Placement CollegeBoard’s AP exams in May in Biology and American History. I would like to find out what type of prep available at WilsonPrep. Please provide fee and schedule.

    Thanks, Suzy


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