April 13, 2011 Newsletter

Tip of the Week

Fill ‘er Up

Brevity may be the soul of wit, but not when it comes to the SAT essay! You’re given two blank pages and 25 minutes to craft your essay, and studies show that the more you write the higher you score. And I don’t mean the larger you write – suddenly adopting a giant’s penmanship or putting in those lovely curly-q’s won’t score you extra points! But filling both pages fully with concrete details, examples, and analysis will earn you maximum points. Turn to historical or literary examples to help fill out your essay, and don’t be afraid to use current events as well to prove a point or add length to your essay. But beware: You can’t go beyond the two pages, so plan carefully as you go.

*For more information on how to tackle the SAT essay please buy my book, Write the SAT Essay Right. The essay is worth 30% of the writing score!

Weekly Word

Esoteric (adj.): Understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge; belonging to the select few.

Suzy sought the esoteric knowledge held by the Girl Scouts, but wearing the uniform and selling cookies did nothing to bring their ancient secrets to light.

College Spotlight

Florida State

Next week I am taking my children to Florida, so it is only natural that I want to focus on Florida State this week! I really like state schools. They’re public, usually less expensive than their private counterparts, and often more diverse. One problem with them, though, is the campuses are often HUGE! FSU is a little different. Although the college is set on 450 acres, it’s just a ten minute walk from the main gate to either side of campus. Plentiful Florida sunshine, rolling hills, flowering trees and close beaches make FSU more like a vacation spot than a college. However, the school is well rounded academically and has some unique academic opportunities such as living/learning options and a small, attentive honors program. This school is a wonderful option, especially for those looking to get away from their winter blues.

Total Enrollment: 31,944
SAT CR: 550-640/ Math: 560-650
ACT: 24-28

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