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A Game of Strategy: When to Guess on the SAT

    Guessing on the SAT is a tricky thing – you’re penalized for wrong answers, but don’t receive any points for guesses. Too many wrongs and your score may plummet, but too many blanks and your score will never increase.     So, what should you do?  Guessing is a game of statistics and… Read more »

Aligning Numbers: SAT-ACT Score Conversion

College-bound juniors are presented with two options in the way of standardized testing: the SAT and ACT.  The tests are different on a variety of levels – including scoring. SAT Scoring: Students receive a base score of 200 points in each section, and then additional points for each correctly answered question.  Incorrect answers result in… Read more »

"De-stress" Before a Test: Steps to Testing Zen

Test days are stressful – they cause anxiety, breakouts, and stomach cramps. But they don’t have to.  Learn to relax and channel your nervous energy in productive ways so that you can arrive to the exam confident and in control. First, start eating properly a week before the test. By properly we mean lots of… Read more »

SAT Test-Taking Tips

The SAT is a beatable test! Remember, you are in control.  Rely on the tips below to help you reach your testing potential!  More tips available at General Tips Chop away This is a multiple choice test.  You won’t always be able to immediately pick out the correct answer.  However, you should be able… Read more »

Predictive Value? The PSAT and SAT

The PSAT is a milestone exam for most high school juniors (and some sophomores!). Colleges DO NOT receive PSAT score reports.  Unless a student is competing for the National Merit Scholarship, in many ways, the PSAT is STRICTLY PRACTICE.   However, it does have some predictive value – but take this with a  grain of salt…. Read more »

The ACT – An "Alternate College Admissions Test"

The ACT is another standardized testing option for college-bound students.  All colleges will accept ACT score in lieu of SAT scores. Once again – all colleges will accept ACT scores in lieu of SAT scores! The ACT is an Iowa-based exam with as much history as the Princeton-based SAT.  Those of us on the East… Read more »

Surviving the Chaos: Organizing Junior Year

Junior year seems like an amassment of exams, assessments, try-outs and performances. Unless your mind works like a day-planner, it’s easy to run into scheduling conflicts. You MUST develop a gameplan early in the season of junior year. August and early September are the times to map out big exams, sport seasons and family vacations… Read more »

Five College Essay MUSTS

The college essay is your chance to shine! You are more than a GPA, an SAT score or a class ranking. Showcase your personality – tell colleges who you are, beyond the numbers. 1. Include a “Me-Moment” An essay is like a photograph in many ways: the goal is to capture an image that portrays you… Read more »

Making Big Words a Part of Each Day: Vocabulary Prep

Building a vocabulary is not an easy task – it requires understanding, memorizing and integrating.  But improving one’s vocabulary improves one’s understanding of the English language, and therefore one’s critical reading, writing and reasoning skills.  An increased vocabulary equates to increased SAT scores.  Unfortunately, reading a dictionary or thesaurus rarely makes the top of any “to… Read more »

Why WilsonDailyPrep Blogs

The entire college admissions process seems a blur of confusion, deadlines and anxiety to many parents and students alike. But, with a little organization, insight from the experts and a few deep breaths, getting into college can be stress free! Laura Wilson, founder and CEO of WilsonPrep and WilsonDailyPrep, lives and breathes test prep. From… Read more »

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