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Create a Winning Essay

Many students are taking the ACT this weekend. Therefore, I want to focus on the ACT 30-minute essay. While this essay is technically optional, many colleges will NOT accept your ACT score without this writing component. Don’t limit yourself with college choices—take this essay section! Five Weapons to Win the ACT Essay: Choose Your Side:… Read more »

Make A Difference

This week, instead of giving a test prep tip, I am asking for your help! One of WilsonDailyPrep’s partner organizations, Let’s Get Ready, has a wonderful opportunity to win $1 million. Let’s Get Ready is a non-profit organization in New York City that provides test prep classes to disadvantaged students*. This organization is a finalist… Read more »

The Game of Math

Just the other day I yelled at my 7th grader for using his calculator to answer a simple math problem. Being able to do math computations without the assistance of a “device” is important. Yet, the SAT and ACT do not require, or want, school based math. The tests don’t care if a student can… Read more »

Solve the Mystery

Yesterday at my local drugstore I found a book of young adult mysteries. Seeing that the type was big and the mysteries were short, I picked up the book. I am always trying to find new ways to get my middle school-age children (two boys) to read. I have tried everything, even offering money if… Read more »

Make a Plan for Scheduling and Mastering your ACT and/or SAT Test/s!

STUDY YOUR PLAYBOOK I am sitting in the kitchen trying to tune out the Bears vs. Lions game going on in the other room. (My husband is from Chicago and is a huge Bears fan.) Last week I wrote about football and how having a gameplan is key to testing success. Well, this week I… Read more »

How to Prepare for the PSAT — Create a Game Plan!

The PSAT is just around the corner. However, students should NOT be stressed about this exam, as it is basically a PRACTICE exam! (For more about the PSAT and its purpose, check out my most recent blog: ) Students should use this test as a learning tool to better prepare for the SAT/ACT. Students… Read more »

What is the purpose of the PSAT?

This week many students are moaning about the upcoming PSAT’s. For those confused about what this test is, the Preliminary SAT (PSAT) is a test designed to help students practice for the SAT. It is also used to determine eligibility for scholarships awarded by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation. Please check out my October 4th… Read more »

When it's okay to skip that SAT/ACT question!

SKIP, SKIP, SKIP TO MY LOU A key to scoring to your potential is to know when to move on! If an answer doesn’t jump out at you and you begin to hear the imaginary “tick/tock” then you should do one of the following: Pick an answer and put a note on your test booklet… Read more »

The Number One Mistake on the SAT Exam is Incorrect Pronouns!

Promiscuous Pronouns… The “pronoun” was a 4th grade vocabulary lesson that you never thought you would need to worry about…until now. He, she, it, you, us, they, them, etc. – these are pronouns. Pronouns are the number one mistake on the SAT and are also a real problem on the ACT. Since pronouns are in… Read more »

How to Choose an SAT/ACT Prep Course – The RIGHT One

You have decided to enroll in an SAT/ACT Prep course and you are ready to begin… now what? How do you choose a program that is right for you? What types of programs are best? Should you do in-classroom study, online coursework or both? In my experience, students benefit from in-person coursework, coupled with online… Read more »

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