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The College Essay — Where to Begin?!

The college essay is especially important because it’s not a number. Your college application is filled with numbers (test scores, G.P.A., etc.), but the college essay is your chance to show a school who YOU really are, behind the numbers. The essay is your chance to stand apart from the crowd, to SHINE! Beginning the… Read more »

Brainstorming for the College Essay

Figuring out what exactly to write about, how to best portray yourself, and what specific “slice-of-life” moments to include are the hardest parts of writing the college essay. Below are the four steps to brainstorming for the college essay. Follow these steps to get the creative juices flowing – you want to stand out in… Read more »

Practice your ACT and SAT Vocabulary!

In our weekly newsletters, we provide the word of the week. Today we are giving a quiz to see if students are paying attention! Match the word to the answer choice. Having trouble? We recommend making flash cards, putting the cards in a shoebox, and putting the shoebox behind the toilet. Why? The bathroom is… Read more »

Want a Winning ACT Essay? Get Creative. Be Specific. Tell YOUR Story!

The problem with the 30 minute ACT persuasive essay question is that students cannot do “research” before writing in order to bring in new, interesting points to prove their thesis. Almost all of the essays develop similar ideas and thus a student’s response does not stand out. If a student does not shine then he/she… Read more »

Simple Science — How to Tackle the Science Reading Passage on the SAT

Science is a scary word to most students, especially when it comes to the SAT. Try not to get intimidated though – at least you’re not required to dissect a frog! The SAT science reading passages are often dense and intense, but there are things you can do to prepare yourself for success. The questions… Read more »

Why knowing current events is important for the SAT exam

May 4th WilsonDailyPrep Newsletter ———————— Tip of the Week Know Your Current Events! Today I completed my yearly ritual of readingTime magazine’s 100 Most Influential Peoplecover-to-cover, taking notes as I read. Why did I do this? Because this is the week of the SAT and bringing in current events is the key to getting a strong… Read more »

Motivation is the Key Factor… Not Test Prep

Recently, Smart Money posted an online story titled 10 Things Test Prep Services Won’t Say – which went on to list ten things that test prep programs fail at stating and/or exaggerate their claims on. I read this, and while I cannot guarantee some of these things are not true for our competitors, I can… Read more »

Prepare for War

Pencils? Check. Erasers? Check. Readiness for the fight? Check. Nothing can stand in your way of a good SAT score. Nothing, that is, except the experimental section – one of the most challenging aspects of this grueling exam. The experimental section of the SAT can often feel like psychological warfare. In the middle of what… Read more »

Good Education Revolves Around Parenting

Unless you avoid all news outlets and media, you must have noticed by now the deluge of news stories and chatter surrounding education reform – including spotlights on some of the bigger players in this debate. Michelle Rhee is one of them, and she recently came under fire for some controversial news items regarding her… Read more »

April 13, 2011 Newsletter

Tip of the Week Fill ‘er Up Brevity may be the soul of wit, but not when it comes to the SAT essay! You’re given two blank pages and 25 minutes to craft your essay, and studies show that the more you write the higher you score. And I don’t mean the larger you write… Read more »

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