Is the New SAT an Improvement?

In a recent Op-Ed piece in The New York Times, Richard C. Atkinson and Saul Geiser, discuss their opinions on the new SAT and college entrance exams in general. The new SAT will focus more on material taught in the classroom, and less on “puzzle” questions that need “tricks” to answer. The vocabulary questions will be more focused on everyday language, rather than obscure words and meanings. The Essay will now be optional and will be based on reading and analyzing a passage. Is this new format an improvement to the Current SAT? Here’s what they think:

“The revised SAT takes promising steps away from its provenance as a test of general ability or aptitude — a job it never did well — and toward a test of what students are expected to learn in school. But the College Board should abandon the design that holds it back from fulfilling that promise.”

What do you think? Follow the link to the article below:

Summertime Vocabulary Fun!

This summer study advice is ONLY for students planning on taking the current SAT, offered in October, November and December of 2015 and January of 2016.

Summertime Vocabulary Fun!

Parents ask me all the time, “What should my child be studying over the summer?” Well, the answer is simple: vocabulary! Summer is the perfect time to work on vocabulary. Practicing a little bit each day is what makes vocabulary memorization lasting. The long, lazy days of summer allow for this daily practice. All that is required is a shady spot and a little bit of concentration. There are two books that I highly recommend for summertime vocabulary fun: The Yo Momma Vocabulary Builder by Heimberg, Schultz and Harwood and Hot Words for the SAT by Linda Carnevale.

Who hasn’t heard a Yo Momma joke? As a mother, I am not sure how I feel about these jokes, but I know how my sons feel! Nothing gets them giggling like a Yo Momma joke. In every newsletter, we provide the word of the week. This week, we have used some of this past year’s words in Yo Momma sentences. If you enjoy these sentences and begin giggling like my sons, I know you will like The Yo Momma Vocabulary Builder! And, since we have already stooped to my sons’ level of humor, here is another way to memorize definitions: use Hot Words for the SAT to make flash cards, put the cards in a shoebox, and leave the shoebox behind the toilet. Why? The bathroom is another great place to study vocabulary!

So let’s find out if you have been memorizing your WilsonDailyPrep vocabulary. Remember, practice makes perfect!

Yo momma’s so SOPORIFIC, doctors use her for anesthesia!*
Yo momma’s so UBIQUITOUS, when she sits around the house, she sits AROUND the house! *
Yo momma’s so MAGNANIMOUS, she’d give me the hair off her back.
Yo momma’s so dumb, she drove with CELERITY right past the police station.
Yo momma’s so CEREBRAL, she has a platinum library card.

*From The Yo Momma Vocabulary Builder

Below are 10 more words we highlighted in newsletters this past school year. Your homework – find a quiet spot, create a Yo Momma joke using one of these words and email this joke to us at [email protected] We will print our favorites in the next newsletter. Have fun!


Free College in the Future?

As students are transitioning from the college entrance exams phase of admissions to the application phase, one thing is on everyone’s mind – the price. However, Bernie Sanders, the Senator of Vermont and a Democratic candidate for President, thinks that tuition shouldn’t be anyone’s mind. Senator Sanders has announced that he will be introducing legislation to get rid of college tuition for four-year public colleges and universities. How does Sanders hope to cover the cost? He plans to put a small tax on bonds and stock trades.

This announcement comes a few months after President Obama announced a plan that will make the first two years of community college free. Both ideas are to help lessen the education gap by giving more people the opportunity to get a higher education. Senator Sanders says:

“We have got to make sure that every qualified American in this country who wants to go to college can go to college — regardless of income.”

To learn more, follow the link to an article on CNN Money below:

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