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April 13, 2011 Newsletter

Tip of the Week Fill ‘er Up Brevity may be the soul of wit, but not when it comes to the SAT essay! You’re given two blank pages and 25 minutes to craft your essay, and studies show that the more you write the higher you score. And I don’t mean the larger you write… Read more »

Standardized Test Takers: Students or Mental Athletes?

Recently, I was perusing the New York Times and found a fascinating article about a journalist-turned memory champion. Yes, a memory champion. Around the world, “mental athletes” compete in tests of memory, almost like a mental Olympics. So you would think that these end up being big genius conventions, right? Wrong. The competitors hold fast… Read more »

March 29, 2011 WDP Newsletter

Tip of the Week Know your topic! Remember the game Telephone? Yes, that game in which one child whispers a message to another child and by the time the message goes through 10 children it is a very different message indeed? Well, this is what seems to have happened on the March SAT essay. I… Read more »

Recent Journal Science Article Supports WilsonDailyPreps’ Methods

When it comes to painful experiences, test taking ranks right up there with root canals and stomach bugs. And that’s especially true about the anxiety-producing SATs and ACTs, major tests that truly affect a student’s future. But new evidence suggests that test taking is an important educational tool that does much more than just evaluate… Read more »

October 25th Newsletter

Developing Your Potty Language! To the distress of many students, vocabulary is an integral part of the SAT reading component (both sentence completion and reading comprehension questions). Therefore, studying vocabulary must become an integral part of every SAT-taker’s life. Now, I don’t know the ins and outs of my students’ lives. I don’t know when… Read more »

Avoiding the Sniffles

As with any business, WilsonDailyPrep is always conscious of keeping the office clean. With sniffling students bustling in and out, hand sanitizer becomes the office companion. Except for me. I mean to use more hand sanitizer, I really do! But a recent New York Times article, “How Not to Fight Colds,” by Jennifer Ackerman caused… Read more »

October 12th Newsletter: Indulge Your Sweet Tooth, Candy Contest, and Knox College

TIP of the Week: INDULGE YOUR SWEET TOOTH! Sitting through a long exam such as the SAT or ACT can wear on a child’s attention span. Even the most prepared student can start to feel a bit “foggy.” But despite the popularity of energy drinks such as Redbull, this is not the answer during a… Read more »

Quick Tip: Don't Hit a Wall!

Frustration and anxiety arise when you come to a tough question you cannot answer. It is important to SKIP this question and come back to it a few minutes later. As you take the test the brain develops a natural rhythm and what seemed impossible a few minutes ago might not be so impossible now…. Read more »

ACT Science Tips: Getting the Answers without Thinking

The ACT science section is time-intensive and requires that you pick up on patterns, details and specifics within charts and graphs. It is very easy to make careless mistakes in this section, and equally easy to “over think” the answers. This section does not require that you have a scientific background. Rather, it requires that… Read more »

Guest Post By Word-Nerd

So do I need to study vocabulary for the SAT? By Jennifer Cohen This simple question has actually become the subject of a great deal of debate in the world of SAT preparation.  When analogies and antonyms were dropped from the test format, vocabulary became directly relevant to only sentence completion questions.  And because sentence… Read more »

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