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SAT Tips Now On Video

SAT tips and ACT tips that you are learning from this blog and beyond are now posted as videos.  Laura Wilson will explain in her own words each tip and why it is so important to follow.

SAT Prep From An Expert

Laura Wilson, founder of WilsonDailyPrep, describes her unique formula for scoring well on the SAT and ACT exams. WilsonDailyPrep focuses on teaching their students to study every day. Six questions, six minutes a day is their model for success. They even guarantee a 200 point increase for the SAT test!  As a tutor for the… Read more »

ACT Test Preparation

ACT test preparation is all about practice.  Timing is an issue on the ACT and only with daily practice will students master this difficult feat.   ACT test preparation revolves around mastering the skills, strategies, and timing of four different components:  English, Reading, Math, and Science.   ACT test preparation does not need to be a tedious… Read more »

What's your learning style?

School is hard for a lot of people, but it helps to know your learning style.  Knowing your learning style – auditory, visual or tactile, can help you study effectively.  Most of us have a general idea of how we learn but it is helpful to learn more about what it means to be a… Read more »

ACT and SAT scoring

Here is a clear comparison chart for the ACTs, the SATS and the new SATs.  This is helpful when a student is faced with deciding which score(s) to send along with the college application process. Some students will find the SATs easier and some will find the ACTs more manageable.  If you have the opportunity to… Read more »

More education = More money

We have all heard a story or two about someone famous who did not go to college and who now owns/runs a billion dollar company. However, in today’s recession many jobs are requiring more and more education.  A college education is simply necessary if you want a job that will pay reasonably well.  If you… Read more »


There has been a lot of discussion about the differences and similarities of the SATs and the ACTs.  Some people believe that one is easier than the other and some believe that colleges prefer one over the other.  The truth however, is that the two tests are similar in content but different in presentation.  The… Read more »

Dealing with Disappointing Test Scores

So you bombed the test…  The PSAT, SAT and ACT are mentally grueling exams.  As such, they are not a “one-shot” deal.  If you didn’t hit your mark – or didn’t even come close – pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and try it again.  (After some more practicing!)  Standardized testing is a process.  Learn… Read more »

Smart Holiday Buys: Study Guides that are Worth Your Money

The bookstore is filled with books, that much is obvious.  But which books are good and which books are bad, that’s not so obvious – especially when it comes to study guides.  Here’s a list of books that are worth your buck: CollegeBoard’s “Blue Book”: CollegeBoard puts out Official SAT Study Guides.  These books contain… Read more »

Test Site Problems?

Some situations are beyond our control – the weather, a traffic jam, interruptions of cable TV for news reports – but we do have control of the SAT and ACT.  To an extent, that is. Though students can prepare, practice and get a good night’s sleep before they sit for the exam, they have no… Read more »

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