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What Colleges Want in an Applicant (Everything)

Have you ever felt frustrated by the college admissions process? You’re not alone. For years, many have criticized what has become widely considered an antiquated system. This article explores what goes on behind closed doors: what various colleges look at when considering a student and how and why the application process may or may not… Read more »

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Working Backwards

The SAT and ACT are both long, exhausting exams that test your stamina just as much as they test your knowledge and test taking abilities. To do well on these tests, it’s important to learn strategies that can not only save time, but also save brain power. On the math sections, if you find yourself… Read more »

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When Community College is Free

On the path to higher education, cost is an enormous obstacle that many in this country can’t overcome. States across the nation have recognized the challenge and have been stalwartly working towards creating a solution. Some have even implemented new programs. Read this article to learn about a free community college system established in Chicago… Read more »

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The Real Campus Scourge

Many head off to college with inordinately high expectations of what college life entails and are shocked to find that the transition to higher education isn’t a smooth as anticipated. This article discusses the challenges many college freshmen face on campus while encouraging society to have real discussions about the struggles being dropped into a… Read more »

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Seeing Hope for Flagging Economy, West Virginia Revamps Vocational Track

Vocational education is making a comeback – not as a fallback option for high school dropouts but as a means of boosting the economy. These schools simulate workplaces, from time cards, promotion opportunities, to random drug testing. Administrators believe that this structure will get future employers to take technical students as serious, competitive applicants. This… Read more »

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Dropping Out of College Into Life

The beginning of college is a stressful time: students have to adapt to new teaching styles, social groups, and extra-curricular activities. Freshmen especially feel the pressure to gush about how much they love their new classes, friends, and experiences when in fact the pressure to excel in all these fields may be paralyzing. Some students… Read more »

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Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

The ACT is coming up. You think you’re ready. You’ve studied well, sharpened your pencils, and set three alarm clocks just to make sure you don’t oversleep. What could possibly go wrong? Just to give you an idea, here’s an email that I received from a student after the ACT: “Not to be a downer… Read more »

Graduating and Looking for Your Passion? Just Be Patient

After you’ve finished your education, what path through life should you take? This is a question all are faced with when seeking their first job after graduation. Armed with the generic advice “follow your passion,” many students feel lost or unsure of their direction. This article discusses the steps graduates should take when building their… Read more »

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The Return of the Pink Eraser

Do not show up to the SAT or ACT with a mechanical pencil, and definitely do not show up with a bad eraser! Every year I yell and scream these Do Nots and every year students don’t listen and there are tears! Therefore, this year I am putting these Do Nots in writing. Here’s what… Read more »

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The myth of the well-rounded student? It’s better to be ‘T-shaped’.

Growing up, we were often told to “broaden our horizons” by getting involved in many different activities and areas of study. The goal was to appear “well-rounded” on any application or resume. Many still feel that this is the best way to prepare for the future. However, today’s employers prefer a more passionate and focused… Read more »

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