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The myth of the well-rounded student? It’s better to be ‘T-shaped’.

Growing up, we were often told to “broaden our horizons” by getting involved in many different activities and areas of study. The goal was to appear “well-rounded” on any application or resume. Many still feel that this is the best way to prepare for the future. However, today’s employers prefer a more passionate and focused… Read more »

U.S. Urges Colleges to Rethink Questions About Criminal Records

How much should our past mistakes affect our future? For those with criminal records, past decisions seemingly affect every aspect of life, from housing to jobs and even to applying to schools. Colleges have a history of asking prospective students to disclose their criminal history on their applications. But now many are questioning if this… Read more »

Want your child to get into college and have a good life? Here’s how.

There are an unlimited amount of activities and classes that can fill out a student’s college application. Many worry that no matter how many boxes they check off, it won’t be enough. Colleges have always preached depth over breadth, but the real changes in the approach to applying to college may have to come from… Read more »

College Admissions Shocker!

The stress of applying to college and the worry about not getting in to their dream school has grown tremendously for students in recent years. There seems to be no guarantee of acceptance no matter how strong an application is. And as more and more young people apply to top-notch universities each year, colleges appear… Read more »

Don’t Grade Schools on Grit

All parents want their children to succeed, and the best way to ensure that is by giving them an education. Often times, the most important things learned at school are not the subjects taught but rather the skills and guidance needed to develop one’s character. In fact, studies have shown that character strength is one… Read more »

Bridging a Digital Divide That Leaves Schoolchildren Behind

Much is said about our educational system and the quality discrepancies between wealthy school districts and poor school districts. However, one of the biggest divides may be outside of the classroom. In a society where technology is becoming increasingly more important, many underprivileged students are unable to complete their homework or take advantage of extra… Read more »

School kids correct celebrity grammar mistakes on Twitter

You never know when bad grammar may sneak up on you. Even celebrities can’t get away with not knowing their grammar rules. Read this article to see students correcting the grammar mistakes in celebrity tweets. Click here to read this article by Lauren O’Neil.

Something you should know about the new SAT

College Board has done a lot to revamp its SAT exam and has been very forthcoming on most of the changes. However, it has been recently discovered that the SAT has not changed in one very important way. On past exams, students could expect an experimental section: one that didn’t count towards their scores but… Read more »

New, Reading-Heavy SAT Has Students Worried

The Redesigned SAT marks a big change in testing. The new exam, designed to follow what is being taught in the classroom, is more reading intensive than the old SAT. How will this affect the students taking this new test? Read this article to find out what various experts think about the new format and… Read more »

The end of college ranks as we know them

How do you judge a higher education institution? For years, many different publications have tried to rank the colleges in the United States on various qualifications, such as SAT scores and faculty income. However, not until recently have studies looked into students’ lives after graduation. Read this article to explore the new way to rank… Read more »

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