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Rethinking College Admissions

Everyone who has gone through the college admissions process has felt the stress and the need to produce a perfect application based on what our country’s institutions have deemed impressive and worthy. These expectations sometimes feel out of reach and put a lot of pressure on students’ shoulders. Fortunately, colleges are now beginning to realize… Read more »

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9 Things to Know About the New SAT

This March will mark the start of the Redesigned SAT exam. Many have questions regarding the changes and consequences of this newly constructed test. Our own Laura Wilson was recently interviewed about the change and gave the nine biggest differences you can expect to find in this new test. Read this article to find the… Read more »

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How To Manage Your Time: 5 Secrets Backed By Research

As time moves forward, the days seem shorter and your to-do list gets longer. This is a common phenomenon in every aspect of life. Eric Barker argues that there are better ways to manage your time not only to become more productive, but also to find more pride and joy in the things you do…. Read more »

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The Fiske Guide to College Histories

Everyone knows how much we love to quiz our students, but now we are putting you to the test. How much do you know about the history of colleges? Test your knowledge by taking this short quiz. You just might be surprised by what you learn. Click here to read this article by Edward B…. Read more »

Fiske Guide to Colleges
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