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Working Backwards

The SAT and ACT are both long, exhausting exams that test your stamina just as much as they test your knowledge and test taking abilities. To do well on these tests, it’s important to learn strategies that can not only save time, but also save brain power. On the math sections, if you find yourself… Read more »

Every Question is Worth the Same!

A question that takes 3 seconds is worth the same as a question that takes a minute. Experienced test-takers will push through the test, doing the quick questions first and coming back to the time-consuming ones later.

Tips to Rock the ACT!

Get ready to ace the April ACT with these 4 helpful tips: English: The context (style and structure) questions usually require more thought than the grammar questions do. Focus first on just the grammar questions within each 15 question passage (there are 5 passages per English section). Once you’ve completed the grammar questions, you can… Read more »

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

The ACT is coming up. You think you’re ready. You’ve studied well, sharpened your pencils, and set three alarm clocks just to make sure you don’t oversleep. What could possibly go wrong? Just to give you an idea, here’s an email that I received from a student after the ACT: “Not to be a downer… Read more »

Be an ACT Scientist on Science Section

Put on your lab coat, safety glasses, and thinking cap! Success on the ACT science section calls for science savvy and a strategic approach. Below are the strategies to help you get those Eureka! moments. In order to maximize your time and score, you want to spend your time on the quickest questions first. Remember… Read more »

Deliberate Practice

As your mother always told you, “If you put in the time and effort, you will see results.” And, this is the philosophy many of us tell our children today. Unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple! Current research shows that your mother was wrong: BETTER practice, as opposed to MORE practice, leads to success. You… Read more »

SAT/ACT Score Comparisons

Now that the NEW SAT is in place, students and parents are rightfully confused about ACT and new SAT score comparisons and which test to take. With the ACT scored out of 36 points and the SAT scored out of 1600, comparisons do get a bit confusing. Please print this handy comparison chart to help… Read more »

Ace the Style Questions

This week’s tip is a follow-up to last week’s tip – Wear One Hat at a Time. I discussed that there are two types of questions in the SAT/ACT grammar section – Mechanics of Writing (grammar) and Rhetorical Skills (organization/style/structure). A strong test taker should answer the grammar questions first and THEN go back and… Read more »

Wear One Hat at a Time

I don’t know about you, but it is not often that I see someone walking down the street wearing two hats. Yet, metaphorically, students often wear two hats when they address the grammar section of the SAT/ACT. And, as we know, wearing two hats is a fashion no-no! There are two types of questions in… Read more »

The New SAT Essay

The NEW SAT was officially launched at around 8:00 AM on March 5th, and I was excited! Having worked with students these past few months on the new SAT, I can see that this test is not only teachable but also an exam that helps students within their high school math, English, and history classes. Now, students… Read more »

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