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Use Your Pencil

I know students see me as a drill sergeant… Whenever I work with students, I bark at them to have their pencil on the page at all times and to actively cross out incorrect answers. Inevitably, a student barks back at me that he is crossing out and to get off his case. (Sorry boys,… Read more »

Out with the Old and In with the New!

The following list was featured in the Journal News on January 11th and provides an overview of the changes that will appear on the March 5th SAT. Ten things you need to know about the new SAT: 1.There is no penalty for guessing on the new SAT. Wrong answers used to be counted against the… Read more »

Vocabulary is STILL Key!

Yes, the SAT has changed. The 19 sentence completions have vanished just as the antonyms vanished in 1994 and the analogies in 2005. Still, don’t think that having a strong vocabulary is no longer important. The critical readings on this new test are filled with difficult vocabulary; understanding these words aids in the comprehension of… Read more »

Don’t Do Math; Pick Numbers!

The math sections on the SAT and ACT may seem daunting at times, especially if math isn’t your favorite subject. But the best thing about these exams is that you DO NOT have to treat them like math class in school. You are only being scored on your answer choice, not on the work that… Read more »

Tell a Story in the Science Section

There is nothing like a good story. Granted, sitting in an uncomfortable chair for 3 long hours in a stuffy room is not conducive to relaxing, fun story-telling. Yet, if students want to ace the Science section of the ACT then they must learn to turn the science charts and graphs into a compelling story…. Read more »

Create a Winning ACT Essay!

As of September, the ACT has adopted a new essay format.* The old version asked students to write a persuasive essay on a straightforward, usually high-school related question, e.g. “Should schools establish a dress code?” The new version provides a prompt that presents a topic, then asks students to consider three different perspectives. In comparison… Read more »

Testing: Pencil-and-paper gives way to computers

You may feel as though technology has infiltrated every aspect of your life. From online newspapers to e-books, things that once required printed pages now live on an interactive screen. In New York, state tests are soon to follow this paperless path. Read this article to discover the steps of the state Education Department’s plan… Read more »

The ABCs of SAT Math

By now, you would think that I’d be able to calculate the score of my students’ practice exams in my head. However, the calculator is still my best friend. Many, like me, were scared when they heard that there is a non-calculator section on the new SAT. But after studying the new exam, there should… Read more »

America’s Bizarre, Backwards Worship of the Ivy League

Everyone wants the best for themselves and their children. When it comes to colleges, we tend to think the best means the Ivy League. But should the Ivy League be put on this pedestal? This article explores America’s view on elite schools and whether there is a better way to manage our higher education system…. Read more »

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