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Play the Sentence Completions to Win!

As I watch my husband and sons prepare to attend Monday night football, I am reminded that the sentence completion section of the SAT is like a football game: to win, you must go on the offensive. Too many students make the mistake of passively “listening” to how each possible word choice sounds in the… Read more »

Math Vocabulary!

When we think of vocabulary, we most often think of the reading component of the SAT and ACT. Yet, understanding vocabulary is just as important for acing the math section of these tests. Below are some key math vocabulary terms. Perhaps you don’t need flash cards, but you do need to practice putting these terms… Read more »

WilsonPrep’s Top Ten Study Habits

Now that students are settled into the school year and the tutoring routine, I am getting lots of questions from parents about how their children should be studying at home. Preparing for the SAT and ACT is different than preparing for school exams; therefore, students need to be ready to try new methods. However, your… Read more »

Gearing Up for Grammar!

Quick quiz: Do you know what a contraction is? Pronoun? Preposition? If your answers are no, no, and definitely not, you are in the same boat as many high school students. Most likely you learned some basic grammar in fourth grade and then quickly moved on to reading To Kill a Mockingbird and Hamlet, happily replacing grammar rules with… Read more »

Make Every Day Your Birthday!

SAT and ACT readings are, plain and simple, boring to read. Therefore, I encourage all of my students to stop reading, and start hunting. What are you hunting for? Clues to the author’s message – the main idea that relates to all of the questions. As you’re hunting, stop and check out the buts! “But”,… Read more »

Know Your Current Events!

This week Time magazine published its annual 100 Most Influential People, and I practiced my yearly ritual of reading it thoroughly, taking notes as I read. Why did I do this? Because bringing in current events is the key to getting a strong SAT essay score. History, literature, sports and personal examples all provide powerful… Read more »

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