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October 25th Newsletter

Developing Your Potty Language! To the distress of many students, vocabulary is an integral part of the SAT reading component (both sentence completion and reading comprehension questions). Therefore, studying vocabulary must become an integral part of every SAT-taker’s life. Now, I don’t know the ins and outs of my students’ lives. I don’t know when… Read more »

Avoiding the Sniffles

As with any business, WilsonDailyPrep is always conscious of keeping the office clean. With sniffling students bustling in and out, hand sanitizer becomes the office companion. Except for me. I mean to use more hand sanitizer, I really do! But a recent New York Times article, “How Not to Fight Colds,” by Jennifer Ackerman caused… Read more »

October 12th Newsletter: Indulge Your Sweet Tooth, Candy Contest, and Knox College

TIP of the Week: INDULGE YOUR SWEET TOOTH! Sitting through a long exam such as the SAT or ACT can wear on a child’s attention span. Even the most prepared student can start to feel a bit “foggy.” But despite the popularity of energy drinks such as Redbull, this is not the answer during a… Read more »

Getting a GPS For Your Life!

I recently read an article in Black Enterprise magazine by the CEO Earl Graves Jr. about getting a “GPS” for your life. How true! All of us, especially students, can benefit from having a life GPS, but a little more detail on that… Graves ponders the idea that his car’s GPS is the one thing he can… Read more »

Essay Scoring Rubric

This is just a tool to keep in mind how the SAT Essays are being graded. I find this is useful in seeing the criteria for a high scoring essay and asking myself, “Did I use support? Did I clearly state my main point?” etc. Please reference this on your practice essays or when you… Read more »

Quick Tip: Don't Hit a Wall!

Frustration and anxiety arise when you come to a tough question you cannot answer. It is important to SKIP this question and come back to it a few minutes later. As you take the test the brain develops a natural rhythm and what seemed impossible a few minutes ago might not be so impossible now…. Read more »

Quick Tip: Limit the Main Idea!

Limit the Main Idea to 3 – 4 Words! Limit the Main Idea to 3 – 4 Words! Always, always, always, generate a main idea before attacking the reading questions! Limit the main idea to 3 -4 words. This is difficult, but essential. It is easy to come up with the “gist” of the piece,… Read more »

Quick Tip: Repetition, Repetition, Repetition!

The key to memorization is repetition. The more you see a word, the more likely you’ll remember it. Therefore, play the VocabPrep game online for three minutes a day to increase you familiarity and memorization of 1000 top-ranked SAT words.

Momster Website

It is imperative that I take some time out of my day to tell all of you about Momster, a website I have recently become familiar with that caters towards parents with children of all ages. As an educator, but more importantly as a parent, a network of parenting resources is very important to me…. Read more »

Quick Tip: Use the Formula!

Don’t let geometry trip you up on the SAT. Remember that geometric formulas are found on the test, so use them! Refer back to the formula page for triangle problems, circle diagrams, etc. Everything you need is given, so take advantage of it!

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