Checklist for SERIOUS SAT Review:

Step-by-Step Review for the Month before the SAT

After months of practice and only a few weeks before the test – it’s time to get into the SAT zone! No longer should you just be going through the motions, completing only a quiz a day or a practice test a week. At this point, you should fine tune the skills and strategies you’ve learned through the WilsonDailyPrep.

Below is a checklist that should be completed throughout the month before test day. This checklist is meant to give you some serious review! Go through the list in order, and complete each step in its entirety before moving on to the next. The checklist is meant to be used in conjunction with CollegeBoard’s big blue book: The Official SAT Study Guide. This book can be found in most bookstores.

1.    Read through your grammar book, English in English – do ALL exercises.

2.    Review all grammar mistakes from previous DailyPrep quizzes.

3.    Review all sentence completion mistakes from previous DailyPrep quizzes.

4.    Review all math mistakes from previous DailyPrep quizzes.

5.    Memorize ALL KEY INFO articles (available on the student home page of

6.    Complete the last 4 questions in Section 10 in of all tests in Official SAT Study Guide.

7.    Complete the middle 2/3 sentence completions in all tests in Official SAT Study Guide.

8.    Section 9 in the Official SAT Study Guide –This section is the “make or break” reading passage. You should analyze mistakes immediately!

9.    NARRATIVES – practice in Official SAT Study Guide (Remember to find tone!)

10.  All short readings in Official SAT Study Guide – Focus on last sentences!

11.  Play the Vocab game on in its entirety.

12.  Reread all tips in the TIPS section of

13.  Review structure of the test – know what to expect.

 14. Read Tips for Test Day (Available under Key Info in

 15. Go on the BRAIN DIET – Also available under Key Info in

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