Dealing with Disappointing Test Scores

So you bombed the test… sadface

The PSAT, SAT and ACT are mentally grueling exams.  As such, they are not a “one-shot” deal.  If you didn’t hit your mark – or didn’t even come close – pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and try it again.  (After some more practicing!)  Standardized testing is a process.  Learn from your mistakes.  Practice more.  Think positively!

  • The PSAT is never sent to colleges, so if you’ve bombed this exam, pretend it never happened.  Technically, it never did.
  • The ACT is completely score choice – colleges only see the scores you submit.  So again, if you bombed a test, pretend it never happened!
  • The SAT has reverted back to score-choice, but the policy is somewhat convoluted at this point.  Some colleges are requesting scores for all tests, others are not.  But, don’t be discouraged!  Colleges that are requesting scores from all tests – the good and the bad – are “superscoring.”  In other words, they’re only considering your BEST reading, your BEST math and your BEST writing.

Also, remember that you are more than a number – and colleges realize this!  Colleges consider an entire application package, not just standardized test scores.  Transcripts, GPAs, teacher recommendations and personal statements are all taken into consideration.

So, lie to your friends when they ask how you scored.  This was ONE bad day.  Put it behind you, and start working towards a better test day in the future.

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