December 25th Newsletter

End Of the Year Tips

As we ring out 2010, I want to share my four most popular SAT tips. (Next week I will ring in the New Year with my four most popular ACT tips.)  Please share these tips with your child to ensure great testing success in 2011!  I wish all of you a new year filled with laughter and joy.


Limit the Main Idea to 3 – 4 Words! Always, always, always, generate a main idea before attacking the reading questions! Limiting the main idea to 3 -4 words is difficult, but essential. It is easy to come up with the “gist” of the piece, but very difficult to limit yourself to a few words. The main idea is the point that the author is making. Once you succinctly get the point, you can find
the correct answers.


A good trick to keep in mind during the SAT math sections is to notice the answer choices. Lots of times the answer choices are numbers listed in order. Try the middle number first! If it’s too small, then you only have the 2 answer choices that are larger to try. If it’s too big, then you only have the smaller answer choices to worry about.


NEVER skip questions in the grammar section! If you do not know the answer, or are unsure, pick Choice E, NO ERROR, in the Find the Error section,  or Choice A (no change) in the Fix the Sentence section. No Error will be the answer 1 out of 5 times on the test. This is a lot!


Take 2 minutes to jot down an outline before you begin writing the 25-minute essay. The outline allows you to organize the direction you’ll be taking – and the essay is graded on organization as well as ideas.


Cajole (verb): To persuade by flattery to do what one wants; to wheedle or coax.

Suzy cajoled her parents into extending her curfew on New Year’s Eve.


Hendrix College, Arkansas

Recently, a parent called me and said, “I have found the perfect school that nobody knows about!” Sorry parent, but I am now sharing this find over the internet. Hendrix College is a small, progressive, liberal college that places a strong emphasis on international awareness. Academics are demanding, but the students are laid-back. Hendrix is known for its natural and social sciences programs. Most students live on campus, and Greek life – a staple of most Southern schools – is not prevalent at Hendrix. Check this “unknown” school out!

Enrollment:  1,338
SAT CR: 580-690/ Math:  550-660
ACT:  25-31
Strongest Programs:  Biology, Chemistry, History, Religion, Psychology

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