January 14th Newsletter

Tips to Rock the 2011 ACT!

Here’s one New Year’s resolution you won’t want to break: Rock the 2011 ACT! You can make this resolution a reality with these four helpful tips:

Science: Skip the reading blurbs and focus only on the charts and graphs in a passage. Use the questions to guide your eyes to the right answer.

Grammar: The context questions usually require more thought than the usage and mechanics questions do. Focus first on just the usage questions within the 15 question passage (there are 5 passages per grammar section). Once you’ve completed the grammar questions, you can tackle the context questions with much more success.

Math: Each question in the math section gets increasingly more difficult. Spend the needed time and be sure to ace the first 30 questions.  Don’t stress if you run out of time and don’t get to the last few questions.

Reading: You will always be presented with four long readings – Prose, Social Science, Humanities and Natural Science. There’s no rule about what you need to read first. Start with your strongest subject, and end with your weakest!   You must practice taking a bunch of readings in order to evaluate what is your strongest and weakest.


Manifest (v.): to create or make; to demonstrate (quality or feeling)

Suzy was surprised that Greg, who had a reputation of a playboy, could manifest such commitment and determination.


College of Charleston, South Carolina

Founded in 1770, College of Charleston  is a public liberal-arts school about half the size of the University of South Carolina.  C of C has a laid-back feel, but it is a well respected school.   The school rewards creativity, curiosity, and hard work.  Set in downtown Charleston, C of C offers students access to the city’s best features and festivals, including Spoleto and The Charleston Food Festival. Historical buildings and large magnolia trees help students feel as if they’ve stepped into Gone with the Wind, rather than onto a college campus.

Total Enrollment: 9,198
SAT CR: 570-650/  Math: 570-650
ACT:  23-26
Strongest Programs: Biochemistry, Computer Science, Geology, Marine Biology, Environmental Science, Physics, Languages

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