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It is imperative that I take some time out of my day to tell all of you about Momster, a website I have recently become familiar with that caters towards parents with children of all ages. As an educator, but more importantly as a parent, a network of parenting resources is very important to me. Momster allows parents (moms, but also all parents) to talk about what is bothering them at any given time to what kind of school is best for their child. I can bet you our parents wish they had something like this raising us!

I have become involved with Momster’s efforts simply because I find it to be such a good idea. Formed with some of the brains from Family Circle, I know that it is going to be incredibly successful. I am going to be posting a follow up blog with a contest involving Momster, which will include three months of free test prep. Stay posted and enjoy these beautiful summer days!

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