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newyearThis year, forget the five pounds and always being nice to your little sister resolutions.  This year, resolve to take control of your SAT and ACT scores.  Resolve to practice a little bit each day, and resolve to increase your scores by 200 points or more.

WilsonDailyPrep is an award winning, online program that breaks tests into bite-sized, manageable tasks for students. Students are emailed a six-minute quiz each weekday and are assigned a personal coach to monitor progress and offer encouragement.

The daily quizzes provide the consistent practice that ensures success.  The personal coach holds students accountable by calling home when quizzes are not completed.  Plus, the program’s built-in tracking system allows for self-assessment and goal-setting.  Students can monitor progress and challenge themselves with supplemental worksheets and exercises.

This year, take control of the SAT and ACT.  WilsonDailyPrep provides the practice, tips and strategies you need to reach your testing potential.  This year, resolve to be a champion with WilsonDailyPrep.

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