October 12th Newsletter: Indulge Your Sweet Tooth, Candy Contest, and Knox College

TIP of the Week:


Sitting through a long exam such as the SAT or ACT can wear on a child’s attention span. Even the most prepared student can start to feel a bit “foggy.”

But despite the popularity of energy drinks such as Redbull, this is not the answer during a long test. The energy jolt will cause a crash and your child will likely spend more time running to the bathroom than answering questions.

Help out your child by supplying hard candy for him/her to suck during the exam, especially during those long reading passages. Studies show that sucking hard candy during a test increases scores by giving the mouth a taste sensation that “wakes” the brain during extended concentration.

Hard candies also serve as great timing tools for the ACT. By the time your child finishes with one candy, he or she should be just about done with one reading passage. Of course this is approximate, but since many students waste a great deal of time looking at the clock, this can certainly help.

Let your child indulge. Help keep the juices flowing with a burst of flavor that will keep his or her brain from losing steam early into the exam. However, in terms of candy choice, we do not recommend those little caramels that have a tendency to become stuck in between teeth. Although not scientifically proven, we are sure that panicking that one might never be able to open one’s mouth again does NOT increase concentration.

Another important tip: unwrap the sucking candy BEFORE your child leaves for the exam. Put hygiene aside and have your child place the candies in his or her pocket, as some proctors might not allow the crinkling distraction.

Contest of the Week:

Share this “sweet tooth” tip with your child, and then have him or her write us an email dictacting his or her favorite sucking candy and why. The WilsonDailyPrep staff will pick a winner and provide him or her with a months supply of that candy. It’s our way of getting geared up for testing and giving a candy appetizer before Halloween!

We will be announcing the winner in our next newsletter.

Email: [email protected]


Voracious (adj):
Wanting or devouring great quantities of food

On his date with Suzy, Johnny voraciously ate both of his hamburgers and his plate of fries; he then gazed longingly at Suzy’s plate until she offered a sample.


Knox College: Galesburg, IL

Like comic books, fan fiction, anime? Knox is embraced as a “geek haven,” by current students. Knox also has a long history of campus-wide traditions such as mud jumping and shaking hands with…everyone. Knox was the first in the nation to admit African Americans and women.  Knox offers a strong writing program and exceptional sciences. It is more mainstream than Beloit and Grinnelll.

Enrollment:  1379
SAT: 590-700 verbal,  580-660 math
ACT: 26-31
Strongest Programs:  Biology, Creative Writing, Music, Math, Political Science, Psychology


Next SAT Date:
December 4th
Registration Deadline:
November 5th

Next ACT Date:Dec 11th
Registration Deadline:
November 5th

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