Everyone needs a pick-me-up during the reading sections of the SAT and ACT. Your child shouldn’t be slugging back a Red Bull during the test, though. That’s overkill, and he or she will waste time going to the bathroom for the remainder of the test. Rather, get out of the “fog” by popping in a hard candy whenever starting a long reading passage. Studies show that sucking hard candy during a test increases scores! The hard candy will give your child’s mouth a taste sensation and help to revive your child during the reading.

Plus, hard candies are a great little timing tool for the ACT. By the time your child finishes with one candy, he or she should be just about done with one reading passage. It’s approximate, but it will help keep him/her on the right pace. Have your child practice to see how long it takes him/her to finish the candy- this is one homework assignment your child is sure to love!

So, indulge. Keep the juices flowing with a burst of flavor and brain power all at once. But, be careful! We do not recommend those little caramels that have an annoying habit of getting stuck between teeth.Your child panicking that he or she will never be able to open his/her mouth again can be quite distracting! Also, unwrap the sucking candies BEFORE bringing them to the exam. Put hygiene aside and have your child place the candies in his/her pocket. Some proctors might not allow the crinkling distraction.

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