SAT Prep Classes

There are many types of SAT prep classes that help students become familiar with the SAT.  There are individual, group, and online prep programs with different benefits.  Make sure you decide which type of SAT preparation is most effective for you.

Benefits of each:
Individual tutoring offers the most personalized attention.   Student and tutor can review specific strengths and weaknesses, and sessions are completely tailored to individual student needs.   Also, a private tutor can ensure practice and the completion of homework.   However, private tutoring can be extremely expensive and requires a large time commitment.

Small group tutoring is often grouped according to ability and allows for some  personalized instruction.  Lessons are often geared toward the group’s abilities as a whole. Small groups also generate peer motivation.  However, small group tutoring can be nearly as expensive as private tutoring.

Large group tutoring presents the necessary tips and strategies to a classroom of students.  Large group tutoring provides instruction at a lower cost than individual and small group tutoring.   However, individual attention will not be offered.   Effective large group tutoring assigns weekly homework and promotes skills by offering timed exams.  Students who are highly motivated and need minimal guidance often do best in these large group situations.

Online tutoring is another affordable option that provides the flexibility and convenience necessary for today’s teen schedules.   Many students combine online tutoring with group, private, or small group instruction, enhancing the SAT prep process. SAT success revolves around practice and online tutoring provides this practice at a reasonable price point.   The problem with online tutoring is accountability.  Students often do not “choose” to practice for the SAT.  WilsonDailyPrep, an innovative and award-winning online prep program, provides the benefits of private tutoring with the convenience of online practice.  Students receive daily SAT questions and are assigned to a personal coach who holds them accountable for their work.  Visit for more program details.

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