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WilsonPrep’s Recommendations for Supplemental Study Materials

Practicing for any big event is crucial for success. When practicing for a trombone recital, you practice on the trombone, not the piccolo. When practicing for a track meet, you practice sprinting and hurdles, not back flips off a diving board. Practice only makes perfect if it’s the perfect practice! Therefore, when practicing for the SAT or ACT, you need to practice real questions from real tests.

I recommend that all of my students looking for extra study materials visit their high school guidance offices. The guidance office should have available both a free ACT and SAT sent to them by the test makers themselves. If one test isn’t enough (and it never is!), I recommend the following books:

For the SAT:

WilsonDailyPrep Exclusive Math and Verbal Workbooks

With over 500 questions each, WilsonDailyPrep math and verbal workbooks provide the comprehensive practice you need to push yourself and your SAT scores to the next level. The books are divided into question-specific sections so that you can practice and perfect each SAT strategy. Buy now at!

The Official SAT Study Guide

Brought to you by College Board, The Official SAT Study Guide is a giant, bright blue book that not only details the test, but also contains 8 real SATs. Answer keys and score charts are provided, but detailed solutions are not. Students should be sure to look over the questions they missed and realize why their answer is incorrect. By applying the tips and strategies that the WilsonDailyPrep has introduced and reinforced daily, students will engage in deliberate practice when practicing questions and reviewing mistakes. Beginning this spring, the WilsonDailyPrep will host live chats that specifically reference the tests in this book.

The Official SAT On-line Course: This online program provides students with an SAT question a day, as well 6 additional tests as well as worksheets. The online course is very similar to the Official Study Guide but it provides plenty of extra materials.

For the ACT:

The Real ACT Prep Guide.

A big red book made available by, The Real ACT Prep Guide is available at any bookstore, or online. The book details each of the four sections of the ACT, and includes practice questions throughout the various chapters. At the back of the book are three actual ACTs, answer keys, detailed solutions and score conversion charts.

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