SAT Prep

SAT prep and practice is crucial to improving SAT scores.  The SAT is a time-intensive and patterned exam: familiarizing oneself with the structure, format and content can significantly improve performance.

The SAT is largely a reasoning exam.  Many students struggle with critical reasoning tasks simply because their minds are not programmed to think in a reasoning (as opposed to analytical) fashion.  This is NOT indicative of intelligence, potential or future performances.  However, as many students need to “reprogram” their manner of thinking in order to succeed on the SAT, preparation is essential.

Students should prepare for the SAT as they do for any major performance.  A track meet?  You run a little bit every day.  A trumpet solo?  You practice for months!  This same approach should be applied to SAT test preparation: students should study and practice each and every day.

WilsonDailyPrep, an innovative and award-winning online test-prep program, provides this daily practice and guarantees a 200-point increase after only three months.  Students are emailed five SAT-style questions each weekday and receive immediate answer-analysis that highlights proven-effective strategies.  Students are also assigned a personal coach who ensures accountability and provides guidance so that students may reach their testing potential

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