SAT Registration – Homeschooled Students

SAT prep is not just about studying on a regular basis; it also includes SAT registration.  It is important to register early so that your optimal test date and location are not full.  April 15, 2010 is the deadline for SAT registration for homeschooled students wishing to take the SAT test on May 1. Homeschooled students can also take the exam on June 5 if they register by April 29, 2010. The College Board maintains an accurate list of SAT registration dates and ACT registration dates.

According to Linda Drake, a writer for the Plainview Daily Herald, homeschooled students in Texas are now eligible for one free SAT or ACT test sitting.  Juniors at Texas public schools have had this opportunity in the past, but the funding now extends to homeschooled students as long as the students register on time and funding remains available.  Registration is on a first come, first serve basis so students must register early!

It is important for homeschooled students to consider an online tutoring service as preparation for the SAT test. Good SAT scores come from solid preparation. WilsonDailyPrep offers both daily practice online and in-person tutoring.

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