SAT Subject Tests

CollegeBoard offers a selection of SAT Subject Tests (SAT IIs) that test a student’s knowledge in a particular field.  For example, a strong science student may opt to take a Subject Test in biology, chemistry or physics.

All SAT Subject Tests are one-hour in length and composed of multiple-choice questions.  Students may register and sit for three SAT Subject Tests on a single test date.

Many colleges and universities DO NOT require SAT Subject Test Scores for college admission.  However, some schools or specialty programs (e.g. premedical) may require two or three.  Be sure to check the admission requirements of each school when deciding whether or not to take the Subject Tests.

Generally, it is recommended that students in AP or honors classes sit for the correlating SAT Subject Test.  AP U.S. History students should plan to take the U.S. History SAT Subject Test.  The content and questions of Subject Tests are slightly easier than AP level questions, so many students feel confident and prepared for the exam after an AP course.

Once again, not all colleges require SAT Subject Test scores.  Only students who are knowledgeable and have thoroughly studied the specific field should take the Subject Test in that field.  We do not recommend taking more Subject Tests than necessary.  Colleges look for top scores on select exams, not quantity.

A note – the Foreign Language SAT Subject Tests are intended for NATIVE speakers and are extremely difficult. Go to for a complete list of available tests.

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