SAT Test Prep Feeds Hungry

Journal News wrote an article on October 16, 2008 about the WilsonDailyPrep SAT Prep course.  Students of the WilsonDailyPrep program have the unique ability to put their SAT prep to a good cause.   According to the article, students are required to do SAT prep and/or ACT prep online on a daily basis.  This program takes the concept of SAT question of the day to a whole new level requiring students to do six questions (six minutes) a day in order to reach a 200 point increase on the SAT test.

During their daily practice, students receive a point for each correct answer.  Points then accumulate and students are able to select an animal (bigger animals like cows require more points than chickens) to donate as livestock. WilsonDailyPrep partnered with the Heifer Foundation which donates livestock to third-world countries in need of sustainable development. Student have the incentive to work hard so that they can test well and donate more points to people in need.

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