SAT Testing

The SAT is administered at high schools nationwide on select dates (available at  The SAT involves 4.5 hours of actual testing time, but students should expect to remain at the testing site for 5 hours (because of breaks, administration and collection times.)

The entire test should be completed with a No. 2 pencil, including the 25-minute essay portion.  Students are not allowed anything at their desks except for the testing materials, pencils, erasers, a calculator, and water (allowed by some proctors).

The test is divided into 10 sections.  Each section is individually timed, and students are not permitted to return to sections once time has been called.  There are three critical reading, three math, and two multiple choice grammar sections, as well as an essay.  Additionally, students will receive one extra section (may be reading, math or grammar) that does not count in the scoring for the exam.  This section is termed the “experimental” and is used for research purposes by CollegeBoard.

For exam dates, proctoring and administration regulations and detailed testing information, visit

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