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The SAT is a patterned exam – questions literally repeat from year to year.
Breaking the pattern is essential to attaining a top score.  WilsonDailyPrep helps to decode the SAT by providing the tips and strategies necessary to manifest success on test day.

WilsonDailyPrep offers the top tips and proven-effective strategies that help students quickly and effortlessly eliminate answers, save time, and correctly deduce inferential questions.  Here are 10 Key Tips from WilsonDailyPrep:

  1. Skip, Skip, to My Lou: Don’t be afraid to SKIP! If you do not know an answer, indicate on the answer sheet (a dot, a circle, any type of notation), and jump to the next question. Often, especially with the reading passages, the skipped answer will crystallize as you answer other questions. Go back and answer skipped questions after you have finished the other questions in the passage or you have finished the section.
  2. Do The Second Blank First: In double blank sentence completions, the second blank is usually easier. It is often best to do the second blank first.
  3. Stop Doing Math: Sometimes math problems look very difficult, but can be made very easy just by plugging in the answer choices! Rather than mathematically solving equations to find the answer, just plug in the given answer choices and see which one works!
  4. Don’t Leave Blanks in the Grid-ins: Always guess in the Grid-In Math section of the SAT. In this section, you don’t lose any points for wrong answers. Therefore, grid in something. If you don’t know the answer, pick you favorite number!
  5. Do Not Write the Essay in Pen: If you write the 25-minute essay in pen your essay will not receive a score. Therefore, you MUST bring at least 5 sharpened pencils on test day and take the entire test in pencil!
  6. Simple Science: Don’t get overwhelmed with the science passages. Often these readings are intense, but the questions are surprisingly easy. Many of the questions are detail-oriented as opposed to reasoning-based. If you’re confused by the reading, try looking at the questions first and then finding the answers.
  7. Know the WilsonDailyPrep Grammar Keys: When practicing, always cheat! Keep your WilsonDailyPrep Grammar Key Sheet in front of you while you’re taking practice tests. The “keys” should become a part of your daily practice – the more you use them the quicker you’ll get them memorized.   Find these grammar keys by going to
  8. Do Not Get Stumped by the Experimental Section: The SAT contains 10 sections. One of these sections does not count. This is the experimental section, and it can be math, reading, or writing (not the essay). If you find a very difficult section, do not panic! This might be the experimental section that does not count in your score. For more about the experimental section, please go to
  9. Limit the Main Idea to 3 – 4 Words! Always, always, always, generate a main idea before attacking the reading questions! Limit the main idea to 3 -4 words. This is difficult, but essential. It is easy to come up with the “gist” of the piece, but very difficult to limit yourself to a few words. The main idea is the point that the author is making. Once you get the point, you can get the questions!
  10. Short and Sweet: Often the shortest answer is the correct answer in the grammar (and reading) section. Remember: Shortest is sweetest! Long, flowery answers are attractive, but often make no sense.

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