There has been a lot of discussion about the differences and similarities of the SATs and the ACTs.  Some people believe that one is easier than the other and some believe that colleges prefer one over the other.  The truth however, is that the two tests are similar in content but different in presentation.  The SATs are an hour longer and testing your reasoning skills.  The ACTs have an optional writing section and are more curriculum-based.  WilsonDailyPrep has an excellent program that will help you increase your SAT score by 200 points!  Their sure-fire approach of 6 minutes plus 6 questions every day will work guaranteed!

When it comes to sending your scores, the test you score best on is the test to send.  Most schools these days don’t have a preference for one test over the other.  The best option is to take both and see which one you like better. However, these tests are different in how they ask questions, so it is best to get some guidance for whichever test you choose. Do not assume that if you studied for the SATs that you are set for the ACTs.

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