Score Choice Ambivalence

Score Choice – the option of reporting only the scores of tests you choose to colleges – isn’t as black and white as it once was.  If you’re taking the SAT or ACT early as a “practice run”, make sure you know the nitty-gritty of the score reporting policy.

Things were simpler last year.  The ACT was score choice and the SAT was super scored.  In other words, students only had to submit the ACT of their choice, regardless of how many times the test was taken, while all SAT scores were reported, but only the best reading, writing and math were taken into consideration.  That was last year…

Currently, the SAT and ACT are both technically score choice.  However, some colleges are requesting that students submit ALL test scores.  Some colleges are not.  Some colleges are super scoring the SAT still.  Some colleges are super scoring the ACT.  

Typically, if a college is requesting all test scores, it is because the college will super score and generate the most favorable composite score for every student.  If a college is allowing for students to use the score choice option, most likely that college is not super scoring, and is considering scores “as is.”

The bottom line – most students will take an exam more than once.  But, whether or not you show up and take a test “cold” to get a baseline score is now more of a choice. 

ACT and SAT are still score choice, but individual colleges now have different policies.

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