Set The Stage

Have you ever seen a model strut down the catwalk in a plain white tee shirt and comfy jeans? I didn’t think so. Boring outfits simply aren’t worth watching.
Essay writing may not require long legs and lots of makeup, but it does benefit from the same cutting-edge “wow factor”. And the best way to make your essay runway-worthy is to give it some flair that says to the bleary-eyed reader, “Hey, this is going to be a good one.”
Not sure how to stand out? Try starting your essay with a one-word sentence taken from the theme of the assignment. For example, if the essay asks, “Do actions define a hero?” begin with “Hero.” Or, open your essay with a repetitive sentence: “A hero is x, a hero is y, but most importantly a hero is z.”  Another good tactic is to begin with a thought-provoking question: “What is a hero?”
Standardized tests are taken by over a million students per year, and essay graders read hundreds of essays. Your essay needs to shine – so strut your stuff and begin with a stylistic bang!

Exercise Of The Week

For worksheets relating to how to add style to the 25 minute SAT essay and 30 minute ACT essay (or any essay for that matter) buy Write the SAT Essay Right. Email us your answers to the Begin with a Bang Worksheet on page 178 within the next two weeks and we will personally evaluate and respond.

impetuous: (adj) rash, impulsive

Suzy decided to ditch her math homework and head to the movies, but later was sorry when her impetuous behavior resulted in a “C” on the pop quiz


Tulane University, New Orleans LA

Some might say Tulane is the best of both worlds: a rigorous academic program within a fun and culturally rich city. With over a quarter of the student body involved in fraternities and sororities, Greek life is a big part of Tulane’s campus.

Enrollment: 7,210
Strongest Programs: Business, Marketing
SAT: 630 – 700 reading, 620 – 700 math
ACT: 29 – 32

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