Signs that it Won’t Last

Remember, this is a committed relationship. You want four years of happiness…

You Don’t Like the Campus.

The school is great. The program is strong. The students seem enthusiastic. But the campus just doesn’t “feel right.” Be it the urban setting, the drab architecture or the lack of landscape, if you don’t feel right on campus follow your instinct. Remember, you’ll be looking at that treeless campus and ugly building for four years!

The Social Scene isn’t You.

Let’s be honest: there are academic institutes and there are party schools. If you spend time with the student body and realize that more students show up for the “keg fest” than for algebra class, maybe you should reconsider… The best way to figure out the social scene is to spend a night or weekend on campus.

You Can’t Find the Faculty.

If you’ve tried to contact faculty members (via phone, email or during office hours) and they haven’t responded, be wary. College is not just about learning, but about establishing a career network. You want faculty members who can provide recommendations for future jobs/scholarships.

Students Don’t Stay.

A¬†school might “look” great, but if students are leaving after a year or not graduating, there may be a problem. Learn the percentage of students who return after freshman year and the percentage of students who remain to graduate.

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