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Math Vocabulary!

When we think of vocabulary, we most often think of the reading component of the SAT and ACT. Yet, understanding vocabulary is just as important for acing the math section of these tests. Below are some key math vocabulary terms. Perhaps you don’t need flash cards, but you do need to practice putting these terms… Read more »

Gearing Up for Grammar!

Quick quiz: Do you know what a contraction is? Pronoun? Preposition? If your answers are no, no, and definitely not, you are in the same boat as many high school students. Most likely you learned some basic grammar in fourth grade and then quickly moved on to reading To Kill a Mockingbird and Hamlet, happily replacing grammar rules with… Read more »

SAT tutoring featured in Westchester Magazine

Westchester Magazine interviewed Laura Wilson about her very successful tutoring service known as WilsonDailyPrep.  When asked for one of her best tricks, Laura mentioned the bathroom vocabulary.  Laura Wilson makes unannounced house visits to check that students are keeping a pile of vocabulary words in their bathroom for 5-minute study sessions.  She reports that approximately… Read more »

The Eyeballing Game

Video games are addictive for both kids and adults and The Eyeballing Game is no exception.  This game tests your ability to see and make shapes, lines, and angles by allowing three tries at seven geometric tasks.  An Ontario carpenter launched They Eyeballing Game in September 2009.  Be careful- it is very addictive! Games are… Read more »

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