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I don’t know about you, but it is not often that I see someone walking down the street wearing two hats. Yet, metaphorically, students often wear two hats when they address the English section of the ACT. And, as we know, wearing two hats is a fashion no-no! There are two types of questions in… Read more »

WilsonPrep’s Top Ten Study Habits

Now that students are settled into the school year and the tutoring routine, I am getting lots of questions from parents about how their children should be studying at home. Preparing for the SAT and ACT is different than preparing for school exams; therefore, students need to be ready to try new methods. However, your… Read more »

SAT and ACT Test-Taking Strategies

Remember, YOU control the test. Don’t let the test control you! I know I have hammered these things to death, but I want to give you all a compact list of complete test-taking tips. Print this out and put it in a folder for test day. Test taking can seem like a huge ordeal, and I know… Read more »

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