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Recent Journal Science Article Supports WilsonDailyPreps’ Methods

When it comes to painful experiences, test taking ranks right up there with root canals and stomach bugs. And that’s especially true about the anxiety-producing SATs and ACTs, major tests that truly affect a student’s future. But new evidence suggests that test taking is an important educational tool that does much more than just evaluate… Read more »

Practice Exams Make Perfect!

As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect! And it’s especially true when it comes to the SAT and ACT exams. The more practice tests you take, the higher you will ultimately score. That’s why my online program, WilsonDailyPrep, asks students to tackle 6 questions per day, 5 days a week (I know how badly… Read more »

Starting the New Year

Why is the start of a New Year so exciting? Because it is a time of new beginnings and it is a time to make resolutions and create game plans to make these resolutions realities. This is the time to make SAT practice a reality. Resolve to complete the WilsonDailyPrep daily! Resolve to take the… Read more »

December 25th Newsletter

End Of the Year Tips As we ring out 2010, I want to share my four most popular SAT tips. (Next week I will ring in the New Year with my four most popular ACT tips.)  Please share these tips with your child to ensure great testing success in 2011!  I wish all of you… Read more »

The Lost Art of Reading

In today’s digital age of short text messages and tweets, reading is quickly becoming a lost art. Most kids struggle with both reading and understanding long passages because these skills don’t come all that naturally to them. I see this often in my dual jobs as both tutor and mom, and in both roles I’m… Read more »

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