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Quick Tip: Limit the Main Idea!

Limit the Main Idea to 3 – 4 Words! Limit the Main Idea to 3 – 4 Words! Always, always, always, generate a main idea before attacking the reading questions! Limit the main idea to 3 -4 words. This is difficult, but essential. It is easy to come up with the “gist” of the piece,… Read more »

Quick Tip: Do The Second Blank First

Do the Second Blank First In double blank sentence completions, the second blank is usually easier. It is often best to do the second blank first.

Guest Post By Word-Nerd

So do I need to study vocabulary for the SAT? By Jennifer Cohen This simple question has actually become the subject of a great deal of debate in the world of SAT preparation.  When analogies and antonyms were dropped from the test format, vocabulary became directly relevant to only sentence completion questions.  And because sentence… Read more »

Quick Tip: Repetition, Repetition, Repetition!

The key to memorization is repetition. The more you see a word, the more likely you’ll remember it. Therefore, play the VocabPrep game online for three minutes a day to increase you familiarity and memorization of 1000 top-ranked SAT words.

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