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January 25th Newsletter

Note From Laura Last week, I sent you a great ACT math tip that instructed students to concentrate on the first 30 questions of the test, because those questions are the easiest. My math tutors would like me to qualify this with an even better tip! Questions 31-59 do get increasingly more difficult, BUT question… Read more »

January 14th Newsletter

Tips to Rock the 2011 ACT! Here’s one New Year’s resolution you won’t want to break: Rock the 2011 ACT! You can make this resolution a reality with these four helpful tips: Science: Skip the reading blurbs and focus only on the charts and graphs in a passage. Use the questions to guide your eyes… Read more »

December 25th Newsletter

End Of the Year Tips As we ring out 2010, I want to share my four most popular SAT tips. (Next week I will ring in the New Year with my four most popular ACT tips.)  Please share these tips with your child to ensure great testing success in 2011!  I wish all of you… Read more »

Push Their Buttons!

When does 2 – 2 = 4? When a kid is stressed, the clock is ticking, and there’s only a few minutes left on the SAT. You’d be surprised by how many silly mistakes students make as they race through math problems, scribbling furiously in the margins of their test booklet. 2 – 2 =… Read more »

Set The Stage

Have you ever seen a model strut down the catwalk in a plain white tee shirt and comfy jeans? I didn’t think so. Boring outfits simply aren’t worth watching. Essay writing may not require long legs and lots of makeup, but it does benefit from the same cutting-edge “wow factor”. And the best way to… Read more »

October 25th Newsletter

Developing Your Potty Language! To the distress of many students, vocabulary is an integral part of the SAT reading component (both sentence completion and reading comprehension questions). Therefore, studying vocabulary must become an integral part of every SAT-taker’s life. Now, I don’t know the ins and outs of my students’ lives. I don’t know when… Read more »

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