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Math Vocabulary!

When we think of vocabulary, we most often think of the reading component of the SAT and ACT. Yet, understanding vocabulary is just as important for acing the math section of these tests. Below are some key math vocabulary terms. Perhaps you don’t need flash cards, but you do need to practice putting these terms… Read more »

WilsonPrep’s Top Ten Study Habits

Now that students are settled into the school year and the tutoring routine, I am getting lots of questions from parents about how their children should be studying at home. Preparing for the SAT and ACT is different than preparing for school exams; therefore, students need to be ready to try new methods. However, your… Read more »

Gearing Up for Grammar!

Quick quiz: Do you know what a contraction is? Pronoun? Preposition? If your answers are no, no, and definitely not, you are in the same boat as many high school students. Most likely you learned some basic grammar in fourth grade and then quickly moved on to reading To Kill a Mockingbird and Hamlet, happily replacing grammar rules with… Read more »

5 Tips to Keep Students Motivated: SAT and Beyond

When they’re born, you dream that one day they’ll be a great scientist, take over the family business, or become the President of the United States. When they’re four, they dream that they’ll become ballerinas, professional baseball players, or toy-store owners. By grade school the dreams morph into firefighters, policemen, doctors, and lawyers, and by… Read more »

Make a Plan for Scheduling and Mastering your ACT and/or SAT Test/s!

STUDY YOUR PLAYBOOK I am sitting in the kitchen trying to tune out the Bears vs. Lions game going on in the other room. (My husband is from Chicago and is a huge Bears fan.) Last week I wrote about football and how having a gameplan is key to testing success. Well, this week I… Read more »

How to Prepare for the PSAT — Create a Game Plan!

The PSAT is just around the corner. However, students should NOT be stressed about this exam, as it is basically a PRACTICE exam! (For more about the PSAT and its purpose, check out my most recent blog: ) Students should use this test as a learning tool to better prepare for the SAT/ACT. Students… Read more »

How to Choose an SAT/ACT Prep Course – The RIGHT One

You have decided to enroll in an SAT/ACT Prep course and you are ready to begin… now what? How do you choose a program that is right for you? What types of programs are best? Should you do in-classroom study, online coursework or both? In my experience, students benefit from in-person coursework, coupled with online… Read more »

Why knowing current events is important for the SAT exam

May 4th WilsonDailyPrep Newsletter ———————— Tip of the Week Know Your Current Events! Today I completed my yearly ritual of readingTime magazine’s 100 Most Influential Peoplecover-to-cover, taking notes as I read. Why did I do this? Because this is the week of the SAT and bringing in current events is the key to getting a strong… Read more »

Recent Journal Science Article Supports WilsonDailyPreps’ Methods

When it comes to painful experiences, test taking ranks right up there with root canals and stomach bugs. And that’s especially true about the anxiety-producing SATs and ACTs, major tests that truly affect a student’s future. But new evidence suggests that test taking is an important educational tool that does much more than just evaluate… Read more »

Practice Exams Make Perfect!

As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect! And it’s especially true when it comes to the SAT and ACT exams. The more practice tests you take, the higher you will ultimately score. That’s why my online program, WilsonDailyPrep, asks students to tackle 6 questions per day, 5 days a week (I know how badly… Read more »

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