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Push Their Buttons!

When does 2 – 2 = 4? When a kid is stressed, the clock is ticking, and there’s only a few minutes left on the SAT. You’d be surprised by how many silly mistakes students make as they race through math problems, scribbling furiously in the margins of their test booklet. 2 – 2 =… Read more »

The Recommendation for Recommendations: Ask Early!

Most colleges require the submission of one to three recommendation letters, written by teachers, coaches or other professionals that know you as a student.  If you really want a teacher to put in a good word for you, a word of advice: ask early. Teachers are happy to give out gold star recs (in most… Read more »

Falling in Love…with your college

Aside from passing the college boards, it’s also important to get into a college that’s “you.” You want a college that’ll motivate you to study and to succeed. The February newsletter briefly covered some tips on how to get into the college that best suits your personal, emotional, and academic needs. Passing the ACT or… Read more »

SAT Prep in a Recession

Time recently ran an article about how teens and parents are handling the need for SAT prep during a recession.   For many years now parents have been willing to shell up more cash than they’d like to admit, just to have their child in private tutoring lessons for the SAT test.  As a result,… Read more »

SAT Tips Now On Video

SAT tips and ACT tips that you are learning from this blog and beyond are now posted as videos.  Laura Wilson will explain in her own words each tip and why it is so important to follow.

SAT Prep From An Expert

Laura Wilson, founder of WilsonDailyPrep, describes her unique formula for scoring well on the SAT and ACT exams. WilsonDailyPrep focuses on teaching their students to study every day. Six questions, six minutes a day is their model for success. They even guarantee a 200 point increase for the SAT test!  As a tutor for the… Read more »

SAT Prep Classes

There are many types of SAT prep classes that help students become familiar with the SAT.  There are individual, group, and online prep programs with different benefits.  Make sure you decide which type of SAT preparation is most effective for you. Benefits of each: Individual tutoring offers the most personalized attention.   Student and tutor can… Read more »

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