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Mission Possible: A 25 minute Essay

Thousands of teenagers across the country will be sweating bullets this summer and early fall. Breaking a sweat has nothing to do with the heat -it has to do with constructing a well-written, proof-read, coherent, legible essay response for College Board. What might seem like Mission Impossible can really be Mission Possible: Crafting a well-written… Read more »

Test My Brain

Test My Brain is a cool website that provides information about your own brain while providing important research data to psychologists.  This site has games of all sorts that result in feedback about your memory and other brain functions.  Test My Brain aims to give worthwhile content to users to continue gaining more individuals for… Read more »

SAT Prep Classes

There are many types of SAT prep classes that help students become familiar with the SAT.  There are individual, group, and online prep programs with different benefits.  Make sure you decide which type of SAT preparation is most effective for you. Benefits of each: Individual tutoring offers the most personalized attention.   Student and tutor can… Read more »

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