Most groups consist of three or four students, and the groups cover skills and strategies as well as provide weekly practice. Groups are kept small so that students can receive individual attention.  Groups are organized around ability, enabling students to learn at a comfortable pace.  Students can sign up for just verbal (reading, grammar, essay), just math (math/science for ACT students) or both.

We create personalized game plans for each student.  Some students like to begin in a group, learning strategies and skills, and then switch to private sessions for more focused work.  Meanwhile, other students like to begin with private sessions and join a group once they feel that they have learned the skills and strategies and just need to practice.

We offer timed practice exams most weekends.  Times and days vary.  There is no charge for students who are enrolled in our programs for these timed practice exams.

After an initial consultation in which a student’s personality and learning style are discussed, a tutor/student match is made.  We contact student and parent after the first session to make sure a student feels that his/her tutor is FABULOUS.  If there is not a correct fit, we make an immediate change.  Changes can be made at any point in the tutoring process.  This is what makes WilsonPrep unique.

We offer, at no extra cost, diagnostic tests in our office for both the SAT and ACT. Decisions are based on these scores and feedback from student and parent

All of our students are enrolled in the WilsonDailyPrep.  This online program provides students daily questions for the necessary reinforcement of strategies and skills taught within the private and group sessions.  We also provide mock exams at our office almost every weekend.


Consistent practice is the key to SAT and ACT success, not cramming the night before a tutoring session or class. With WDP, you continuously tackle all of the types of questions found on each test until using the optimal strategy to find the right answer becomes second nature.  Because WDP takes an average of just 6 minutes a day, the program fits perfectly into high school students’ hectic schedules. And at only $139 for 3 months, WDP costs less than a daily cup of coffee.

Register online.

Students are reminded daily to complete their dailypreps.  If students have not completed their dailypreps in 6 days, an alert email is sent to the parent.

WilsonDailyPrep coaches cater to students’ needs, and offer tips for further study to improve  scores. If a student needs extra help with pronouns, his/her coach will email exercises for practice. If a student needs clarification on a reading section, the student’s coach will email an in-depth explanation. Our coaches are here to help!

Studies show that students learn best when studying in small, repetitive bites.  By completing the same types of questions over and over again, students will learn to use strategies and spot patterns on the test.

We provide video lessons, content specific worksheets, and full length exams upon request.

WDP works as a stand-alone program or as a supplement to other SAT and ACT prep programs. WDP works because it motivates students to concentrate on the test every single day – no different than the daily practice required by top-performing athletes and musicians. Group tutoring, however effective, does not provide students with the attention needed to reach their fullest potential.  With the WDP, personal coaches monitor progress and provide assessment on an individualized level, providing the supplemental attention students need to truly target and improve upon weaknesses. Also, if students have completed a SAT or ACT course or are currently taking a course, they can use WDP to keep skills sharp.

Each WilsonDailyPrep student has access to our built-in tracking system. The system tracks the types of questions missed and the frequency, and students are presented with a “stats” graph upon login. Students enrolled in the ACT program will receive computed section and composite scores after a certain number of preps have been completed.  Parents are emailed every three weeks a performance report.

It depends on the student.  If a student completes his/her preps everyday then the average is 150 – 300 point increase.  If a student also engages in the extra assignments and extra features of the program as well as utilizes his/her coach the average is 200 – 400 point increase.  The point increase also depends on the starting, diagnostic score.

To gain the full benefit of the program, students should ideally start the program nine months before their scheduled exam. A minimum of three months is required to fulfill the terms of the guarantee. The program is also ideal for high school sophomores looking to get a head start and become familiar with the skills needed for SAT and ACT success as well as students applying for scholarships and enrichment programs that require an SAT or ACT score.


Once a student is enrolled, a test-prep counselor reaches out to parent and student and e-mails diagnostic tests.  After an initial consultation, the student is matched with an appropriate tutor/tutors.  Days and times are established and the counselor meets the student face-to-face via our online platform and confirms that the appropriate technology (webcam) is in place and working smoothly. The tutor then emails the student a link to their session, and with a simple click, tutor and student are meeting and having a dynamic session.

Only location!  Same quality tutoring, same attention, same material.  Students are assigned both a test-prep counselor who devises a test prep plan and oversees progress and a subject specific tutor.

Very easily! Today’s teenagers are very comfortable communicating through their computer or ipad. Using the latest technology, our program enables the student and tutor to see and hear each other in real time and to view a whiteboard and test prep materials. Both student and tutor can utilize a range of online tools to underline words in a reading passage, draw a geometric shape, solve a math problem, etc. If a student doesn’t understand a concept, the computer screen doesn’t stand in the way.

We mail or email students our test prep workbooks and practice exams.

Our tutors are either math or verbal specialists. We believe strongly that tutors should be experts in their craft. Sessions are either 30 or 60 minutes, depending upon a student’s needs.

The test-prep counselor adds another layer to the tutoring process.  We believe in collaboration as well as superior tutoring.  We want to guide you in the test-prep process, offering diagnostic exams, evaluating scores, creating a comprehensive game plan, giving test-prep guidance, as well as checking in with the tutor and getting weekly updates.

Call our office (1-800-888-0692) and ask to speak to a WilsonPrepLive test prep counselor.

These two programs go hand-in-hand.  WilsonDailyPrep is included in the WilsonPrepLive program.  Daily practice is essential.   Some students spread out WilsonPrepLive sessions, engaging in the WilsonDailyPrep program daily and supplementing every few weeks with a private, online tutoring session. The two programs complement each other and can provide for flexibility and an economical solution to weekly private tutoring.

Students increase on average 200-350 SAT points and 3-5 ACT points, depending on the starting point and how many sessions a student signs up for.