Test Site Problems?

examSome situations are beyond our control – the weather, a traffic jam, interruptions of cable TV for news reports – but we do have control of the SAT and ACT.  To an extent, that is.

Though students can prepare, practice and get a good night’s sleep before they sit for the exam, they have no control over test site conditions.  In most cases, testing conditions are indeed just that  – testing conditions. However, sometimes proctors just aren’t considerate. Sometimes construction is going on in the room next door.  Sometimes a trumpet-blaring, bass drum-thumping marching band parades by the window.

So, take a practice exam at a busy cafe and train yourself to ignore distractions.  Hopefully you won’t have to rely on your training the day of the test, but just in case…

Click the link below for more on test site problems, inappropriate proctoring, and what to do.

Proctor, Please get off the Phone

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